Myrtle Beach DUI Lawyer Give Some Advice on Common Website Mistakes

Myrtle Beach DUI LawyerThere are various mistakes commonly made by lawyers when designing their websites. The following is an list of the top mistakes lawyers make utilizing their websites given to us by a prominent  Myrtle Beach DUI Lawyer from his own experience. By simply doing the opposite of this list, the law firm can better position themselves in the search standings and engage their audience in a way that turns visitors into loyal clients. To see how to do an attorney site the correct way visit them at:
Not Owning the Domain Name
No-one other than your law firm should register the domain address used for a lawyer’s website. If someone else owns the domain name, the lawyer is simply at their mercy. Whether the law firm forget to renew the domain name, intentionally or accidentally deleted the account, shut it down temporarily, or had technical issues, the name must be secured for the long haul to avoid losing it to the hosting company or competition.

Using a Poor Domain Name
Unless an attorney specializes in representing comics, picking a domain name should not be a funny matter. If a lawyer’s name will be Jack Black, the domain can be purchased, and put it to use. If an attorney’s primary part of practice is defending DWI cases within Myrtle Beach, then and www.MyrtleBeachDwiLawyer. com should be purchased. The choosing of a domain name to your law practice is serious business, this isn’t the time to be funny, offbeat, or unusual. Be professional, and remember that from the search engines optimization point of view, the name within the site is an important factor in the site’s search engine results positioning.

Using Flashy Landing Page Websites
Flashy landing page websites are popular with web designers that are looking to show off their skills, they aren’t preferred by people seeking information online. Problematic flash page may look great, but many people will never wait around to locate the legal information they need. Many site visitors immediately click clear of a website that is full of flashy messages and banners. In the event you absolutely insist on employing a flash intro, give people the option to skip it to go straight to what they are really want. People who come to an attorney website are in search of legal information.

Failing to Focus on a Specific Target Audience
Lawyer websites often forget to target a specific audience. This is common among attorneys who have a general training in many legal areas. A vague website promoting too many areas of training is never going to allow you to achieve the first page Google ranking. Attorneys need to decide what clients they would like to target, and then build the site around that legal issue. Think of phrases that the person would type into search engines. If legal counsel wants to represent they are the top DUI lawyer in Myrtle Beach, they better make sure that the phrase “Myrtle Beach DUI lawyer” figures prominently in the web site.