Atlanta Law Firms Tell What You Need To Know About Homeowners Insurance

Atlanta law FirmsSecuring your household is as important as securing cars and is probably you most important asset. One can do this through insurance. Home insurance can simply be defined as a program that provides security to a house in many untoward incidents. These incidents include natural disasters like typhoon destruction, floods, and earthquakes. The insurance could also cover fire and homes hit by vehicles.  Indeed, when a home is secured it gives the whole family the comfort of well and confident stay.

Here is some valuable advice from some Atlanta law firms that you should understand about the law, insurance and the basics. Before claiming any benefits from insurance providing companies, you need to apply first and be a member. If you wish to learn regarding the policies about insurance of home owner, the following is enumerated for you. Generally, there are three various kinds of policies that home insurance corporations offer.  For more information visit:

Policy #1

The Home owners insurance against the so called ‘11 basic risks’

  1. Damage from vehicles and aircraft
  2. Explosion riot and civil commotion
  3. Glass breakage
  4. Volcanic eruption
  5. Personal liability
  6. Fire
  7. Theft
  8. Vandalism or malicious mischief
  9. Lightning
  10. Smoke
  11. Windstorm or hailstorm

This policy is also termed as homeowner’s basic form. Earthquakes and floods are not included in the listing.

Policy #2

The ‘17 basic risks’ home owners insurance. This covers the property from the first eleven listed risks. The difference is that they are added with six more namely;


  1. Sleet, weight of ice and snow
  2. Falling materials
  3. Damage caused by faulty electrical system
    1. All of the three types of water-connected damages from malfunctioning appliancesThe most advanced property protection covers a lot of other incidents, of course including the 17 risks enumerated earlier. It is called the ‘special form’, or the Policy #3. However, this form of insurance commonly excludes the following;
    2. This is the higher level of insurance provision. The policy such as this is known as the ‘broad form‘.
  1. Business losses
  2. Damages brought by pets
  3. Earthquakes
  4. Floods
  5. Vacant or unoccupied homes with frozen pipes
  6. Intentional damage
  7. Tenants who lose the properties
  8. Accidents caused by nuclear reactions
  9. Vandalism of an over 30 days unoccupied house
  10. Wars
  11. Homes that suffered from wear and tear
  12. Dock, swimming pool, patio, fence, or pavement damaged by weight of ice or water
  13. Damages that a home owner’ s land incurs where his house is situated
  14. Losses brought by fish, birds, and other certain animals
  15. A house which undergoes construction and experiences theft. It is sure that nobody wants to experience any untoward occurrences just to claim the benefits that these home owners’ insurance policies cater. But whether a person likes it or not, things happen in times he least expect them. It is way better to be insured than never. Guided by the policies above get your home insured soon.
  16. Like any other insurance programs, everything cannot all be covered. There are exemptions. But with the total number of benefits listed above, they are actually more than a particular household needs.

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