A Love-Hate Relationship

by Mike on April 5, 2014

As all my friends know, I am a full-time supporter of using Linux. I’ve been using it for years and can never quite understand why people want to waste time and money with other operating systems.

But there are times when Linux can be pretty frustrating.

I get wound up when so-called Linux advocates start talking about this being the year of the Linux desktop. People, stick it in dark place. I’ve been hearing that same talk since April 2007, when I first starting running Linux. And let me tell you why this is not going to be the year of the Linux desktop, nor subsequent years.

The beauty of Linux is also its downfall. Since Linux distributions are open source software, that means anyone can come along and edit a package’s code, to create their own, customized version of that distro. So we Linux users have hundreds upon hundreds of choices in the selection of the operating system we want to use.

But, since it is so easy to make a couple of coding changes to a very popular Linux distro, a lot of people do just that, and then release packages that just might not be ready for prime time, let alone the light of day.

For quite a while, I ran Ikey Doherty’s ill-fated SolusOS distro. It was as if Ikey had asked me what I wanted to have in my operating system and then he wrote it all, just for me. It was, by far, the best distro I have ever used. But the workload got to Ikey, and I think the challenge having been met, and SolusOS was discontinued. Much to my chagrin.

So I went back to running Linux Mint, which is a very good distro. I like running Mint, because the Mint devs have really put a lot of extra effort into it. I am not a fan of the GNOME 3 experience, and when the Mint devs released Cinnamon, I immediately adopted it.

But as good as Mint is, it still leaves me wanting that undefined, something more.

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And the saga continues

by Mike on December 7, 2013

Just yesterday, I was proudly posting about being adopted by a new kitten. But since I had lost two kitties, so close to one another in time, I had already decided I was going to take in two, new kittens. I wanted to honor both of the kitties I had lost.

CricketJust yesterday, I had posted a photo of this little girl, who tragically passed away after only being here for 5 days.  She had been here for just minutes, before she was romping through this place like she had lived here for years.  She would seek me out, mewing in her little squeaks, and wanting attention.  I would scratch her ears for a few minutes, then she would charge off on another of her adventures.  Since she was always bouncing from here to there and making the squeaking mews, I decided to name her Cricket.

I was really gutted when Cricket passed.  She was a pretty, little girl, but she was also 100% kitten, through and through.  She had energy beyond belief, but she also had a very tender side.  When she was playing, she had only one speed – wide open.  But when she was ready to relax, she would suddenly turn into a loving girl, who just couldn’t cozy up close enough.  I would laugh at her, because when I would lay down in bed, she would immediately jump up onto the bed, come over to me and start kneading on my upper arm.  Her eyes would glaze over with a thousand-yard stare as she was kneading my arm.  Then she would flop down and immediately be asleep.

The girls at the shelter where I had adopted Cricket have really been great and have treated me like royalty.  They knew I was looking for two, new kittens, and they also knew I was really wanting kittens that would be people-oriented, rather than being shy wallflowers.

After a lot of consideration about my emotions, one of the girls finally decided to let me in on a little secret.  And she sent me a couple of photos of a kittenCricket2001 that was available for adoption.  Initially seeing the photos rocked me back on my heels, but once I managed to catch my breath, I contacted the shelter and said I wanted her.

And yes, if you think she looks rather familiar, there is good reason.  She is Cricket’s sister!

My intentions, all along, were to adopt two kittens and to name them Angel and Cricket, to honor the two girls I lost in October.  It might seem a little strange to name this little gray and white Cricket, when that was her sister’s name, but since her sister was her such a short time, I am still going to name her Cricket.

One of the girls at My New Cat has already warned me to be prepared, because this little girl is full of energy and has the very same disposition that her sister displayed.

My response to that is only to say, bring her on, because I can’t wait!  If I cannot have Cricket here with me, at least I can commemorate her life by taking in her sister and giving her a forever home.


I look at these two beauties and cannot imagine getting any better Christmas presents.  How lucky could I possibly get?  I am a little over 10 hours from being able to go pick these girls up, and the clock just isn’t running fast enough to suit me.


What a long, strange trip

December 6, 2013

A little over a year ago, I wondered if 2013 would be a good year, or a bad luck year. The year blew in with naught but bad news, and then proceeded to get worse, as time went by. And to be frank, events have almost succeeded in snuffing out my spirit. From losing my […]

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The Atomic Horrors of Fukushima

August 25, 2013

As the horrific nightmare of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor disaster continues to worsen, I find it amazing at how many people have no idea of the dangers that are happening. Dangers that are very real and dangers that are happening as you read this. The real truth is the Japanese have been carefully and […]

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A refreshing change

July 12, 2013

For well over a year, I have been happily running SolusOS Linux on all four of my computers. SolusOS has always been an amazing operating system, that provided me with a GNOME 2 look and feel, all the while running very fast and with a small footprint. When Ikey Doherty released a SolusOS 2 Alpha […]

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I must be getting older

July 8, 2013

As a young child, I was often concerned my parents were just ‘getting old’, whenever they couldn’t see my point of view. It took me several years to understand they were drawing on their own years of life experiences, to make common-sense decisions about things. But that goes back to my original hypothesis, because we […]

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SolusOS 2 gets a little closer

June 16, 2013

I just noticed Ikey Doherty has released a second SolusOS 2 image, that can be used within VirtualBox or Qemu.  But the most exciting news is that this will be the last of these releases, as the next one will be a regular .iso image. With my work schedule and the demands of a couple […]

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A new hot rod discussion forum

June 15, 2013

Back in the Dark Ages of October 2006, I started a discussion forum based on T-Buckets. At the time, there were a few T-Bucket sites on the Web, but the majority of them were painful to use. I felt I could offer people a more enjoyable forum site, by running the site on higher-end software […]

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One last time

June 11, 2013

After finding my WordPress installation crashed for the third or fourth time, I’ve decided this will be my last go with WordPress. If this one crashes, it will be time to start looking at something like Joomla or Drupal. Stick around and I will see if I cvan build up some regular content, again. Just […]

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